Bail was a senator to the Old Republic and an old ally to the Jedi.
Bail Organa

Bail Organa with his daughter



At some point Bail Organa goes in search of Rahm Kota to rescue Leia Organa. Kota, drunk and blind, refuses to help. Then he goes after Shaak Ti (unknown that she is dead). Kota tried warning Bail, but he refused to not go. He is then captured by Maris Brood. Maris wanted to trade him into the Empire and said if he wanted to escape, her Bull Rancor was always hungry. Then Galen Marek goes and rescues him. Killing the Bull Rancor, Galen then goes to kill Maris. Galen wins and spares Maris. Bail, Kota, and Galen then talk about a rebelion. Bail says there are other senators, but they will be hard to convince.

The first meeting and Betrayal Edit

Soon Galen, Garm Bel Iblis, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Leia Organa(PROXY) meet on Corellia to discuss the rebellion. Rahm Kota comes in on the meeting shortly after it started. Bail says that he would fund the alliance, Garm would provide the fleet, and Mothma would provide the soldiers. With Kota and Galen, they would have the power of the force on there side. Then Darth Vader breaks in to capture the rebellion. PROXY cuts transmission and all the guards are killed. Vader then takes away the senators.

Death StarEdit

Galen soon comes to rescue the rebels. The Emperor says that they were all traitors to the Empire. They would be interrogated and tortured, then excecuted. Galen rushed in and fights Vader. After Vader is at the mercy of Galen, Kota grabs the Emperors lightsaber with the force and attemps to kill him. The Emperor shoots him with Force Lightning and Bail yells " Help him! " Galen then goes to fight the Emperor. The Emperor is almost killed and says to Galen " Do it! Give in to your hatred. " Kota then tell Galen not to do it and then goes to get the senators. The Emperor blasts Kota with a wave of force lightning but Galen blocks it. Kota and the others run the the Rogue Shadow and take off. Galen sacrifices himself for the rebellion.


They all meet on Kashyyk to finish the meeting. They use Galens family crest as the alliance symbol and the rebellion was born.

Dark Side endingEdit

Galen chooses to kill Vader and suceeds. Then tries to kill the Emperor but, is launched out the window. The last thing he saw as a jedi is a dead Bail Organa

Death of Darth Vader

Galen stabs Vader in the back sith-style

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