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There are two types of crystals in "The Force Unleashed." Lightsaber crystals allow you to change the color of your lightsaber. Power crystals give you additional gameplay benefits, and some crystals are harder to find than others. Hilts change the handle of your lightsaber.

Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed[]

Xbox 360, PS3 and PC[]

Location Color Crystal Power Crystal Acquisition
Red. Ilum (Provides no bonuses). Unlocked by default.
TIE Fighter Factory Yellow. Rubat (Lightsaber attacks deal extra damage). Yellow: In the hanger on the highest walkway.

Rubat: In the wing lift area on the highest walkway.

Raxus Prime Compressed Red.

Compressed Yellow. Gold.

Firkrann (Lightsaber attacks have a chance to deal extra electrical damage). Compressed Red: In the battlefield by the giant crashed ship after the drive core chamber in the circular structure, you need to Force push it for it to open.

Compressed Yellow: In the area where you move the battery to disable the laser gate, go to the back right corner of the room.

Gold: In the place before the laser gate, the area that's over molten lava.

Firkrann: In the area before the boss battle after the 2nd junk titan you'll see it floating in the air.

Felucia Unstable Red.

Compressed Gold.

Unstable Red: The area with all those mushroom platforms at the top.

Compressed Gold: In the area where you get a cutscene of a Felucian leader powering up the other Felucians, there's a hidden path not shown on the minimap, you can find it by heading off to the right near the exit of the area.

The Empirical Blue. Lorrdian (Increased ability to deflect and reflect blaster bolts


Blue: After the nurse room.

Lorridian: After the room with the escape pods, behind some barrels at the end of a hallway.

Cloud City Unstable Gold.

Unstable Yellow.

Ruusan (Force powers cost less force energy to use). Unstable Gold: Before exiting the bar area, go back and jump into the circular structure.

Unstable Yellow: Near the end of the level above the bridge in the structure that moves vehicles.

Ruusan: In the bar area at the start above a roof of a bar.

Imperial Kashyyyk Compressed Blue.


Compressed Blue: At the start of the level to the.

Purple: In the skyhook area near the end of the level in a tree.

Imperial Felucia Green.

Compressed Purple.

Unstable Blue.

Vexxtal (Lightsaber attacks have a chance to corrupt opponents with a damaging aura). Green: At the start of the level head off to the right to the hidden path not shown on the minimap.

Compressed Purple: Immediately after the walkway to the right wall on top of some mushrooms.

Unstable Blue: Area with the rancor, in the air with the cliff jumps.

Vexxtal: Sarlacc area after the second AT-ST on top of a crane.

Imperial Raxus Prime Compressed Green.

Unstable Purple.

Sigil (Lightning based attacks deal extra damage). Compressed Green: In the open area after the tunnel at the start of the level, on the circular structure to the right.

Unstable Purple: In the large circular room with the core, head off to the right up the ramp and move some containers out of the way and go into a broken wall.

Sigil: At the start of the level, there'll be a ledge on the left of the path, you can Force dash to it from the right platform, enter the door and continue through the door.

Death Star Unstable Green.


Katak (Lightsaber attacks have a chance to syphon health from opponents). Unstable Green: After going through all those lasers and aligning the rings, go to the back of the hallway to the left to a lift, use this lift then jump on the beam above the laser, go left.

Black: In the final area before the final boss fights, it's located at the very top on a beam above a laser, you can activate the generator at the bottom of the room to activate the lifts.

Katak: At the start of the level on top of the walkways.

PS2, PSP and Wii[]

Location Color Crystal Combat Crystal Hilt Acquisition
Red 1. Starkiller. Unlocked by default.
Nar Shaddaa (1st visit) Green 3. Kaiburr

(Enhance Force Push ability).

Green 3: After the Tie Fighter wings platforms room section at the top of a staircase.

Kaiburr: Level completion reward.

The Jedi Temple - Trial of Skill Purple 2. Qixoni

(Enhance Force Choke ability).

Purple 2: First statue to the left of the main room.

Qixoni: Level completion reward.

Raxus Prime (1st visit) Orange 3.

Purple 3.

Cylindrical. Orange 3: 2nd Junk Behemoth room, left of where you entered the room.

Purple 3: Appears in a hallway shortly after you defeat two large droids past the second mini-boss, Drexl Roosh.

Cylindrical: On a ledge facing The Jedi Temple. You have to stack some junk to be able to jump up there.

The Jedi Temple - Trial of Insight Green 2.

Blue 2.


(Enhance Lightsaber Throw ability).

Rahm Kota. Green 2: To the left of the main entryway.

Blue 2: Main room on the left walkway.

Opila: Level completion reward.

Rahm Kota: Beside a fallen column on the floor to the left as you enter the main room.

Felucia (1st visit) Red 2.

Purple 1.

Sha'ak Ti. Red 2: Shortly after the mini-boss Rancor, you'll notice a rock behind a Republic cannon that you can destroy.

Purple 1: In a tree in the area where you fight 2 rancors.

Sha'ak Ti: After the 2nd rancor, the hilt will appear on a fungus pad attached to the mountainside.

Nar Shaddaa (2nd visit) Kento Marek. As you're progressing between bars you'll notice arches over each of the passages. Go above the arches.
Kashyyyk (Starkiller) Red 3.

Orange 2.


(Enhance damage your blows deal with the lightsaber).

Spike. Red 3: After the first AT-ST, go back to the entrance next to the wreckage of a Wookiee vehicle.

Orange 2: Before the 2nd AT-ST, in some bushes on the left side where you entered.

Dragite: Level completion reward.

Spike: There's an area where the path splits around a mountain. Look for a wookiee who's looking at it.

Felucia (2nd visit) Green 1. Firkrann

(Enhance Force Lightnign ability).

Darth Vader. Green 1: After the bull rancor, the right pathway before the web barrier

Firkrann: Level completion reward.

Darth Vader: After the bull rancor, you'll be advanced to the spot where you have to force push the passage open, there is a fungus on the mountain side and the hilt is up there.

Raxus Prime (2nd visit) Blue 3.

Red 1.


(Enhance Lightsaber strength).

Darth Sidious. Blue 3: As soon you enter the room with the AT-ST, there will be 2 arch-shaped computers. Hit both of them until they start sparking. Where the empty AT-STs are being stored, there are two empty slots. Above them are small rooms. Jump into one of them using the frame and Blue 1 will be in the corner.

Red 1: In the room after the AT-ST, jump onto the middle column and turn around. The crystal will be on a shelf.

Darth Sidious: In the small room opposite from Blue 3, jump out the window and Dash to the shelf.

Cloud City Blue 1. Obi Wan. Blue 1: Behind the elevator that takes you to the one eyed bounty hunter.

Obi Wan: When you get to the second area with windows, you have to break the windows and its at the end of the ledge.

Death Star Orange 1. Anakin Skywalker. Orange 1: On the platform the the left of the AT-ST.

Anakin Skywalker: When you cross the first bridge you will see two doors that you will have to use force push to open. Push the door to the right.




PS2, PSP and Wii[]

  • You may have noticed you have to collect the 1st red lightsaber crystal again, this is because Darth Vader breaks Starkillers lightsaber when he throws Starkiller out a window.