Duel Mode is a mode exclusive to the Wii. You can play as 27 characters however some appear to be unlockable. They seem to all use Galen Marek's abilities, this may change though. It show characters from Force Unleashed and other parts of the Star Wars universe. The Examples are:

Assaj Ventress (outside FU)[1]

Rahm Koto (in FU)


When dueling you need both players to pick the characters, and the planet. You duel the same way you would in single player mode. You get to do force locks and lightsaber locks. You get timed and can pick a certain amount of times the duelists have to defeat each other to win.



Power-Ups Edit

Power-Ups make you more powerful in duel mode.

  • Reinforcements- Gives you Reinforcements and attacks the other player
  • Unleashed- Gives you unlimited force energy
  • Red Cloud- Gives you more lightsaber strength
  • Green triangle- Gives you unlimited health
  • Yellow Triangle- Gives you more force strength