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Fallen Luke is Luke Skywalker when he was turned to the Dark Side by Lord Starkiller in the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition.

Fallen Luke in a battle with Darth Star Killer (DLC)

Luke Skywaker[]

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After killing rebel alliance soldiers and Wampas in Hoth, Starkiller encounters Luke. Starkiller immediately recognizes him as "The son of Vader." Luke quickly rebuffs this stating that his father was a Jedi and he was murdered by Vader. Starkiller makes a quick remark, saying "so you've been told". The two engage in combat. After being defeated by Starkiller, Luke uses the force to open a steel door that releases several Wampas to slow Starkiller down. While facing the Wampas, Starkiller is told by the captain of the operation that the Emperor prefers that Starkiller takes Luke in alive to which Starkiller states he will keep that in mind.

Starkilller would travel further into Hoth Echo base, then reach the cargo bay where the Millennium Falcon is docked. After destroying several generators Starkiller uses the force to open the hangar doors. Luke appears and Force-pushes Starkiller away, then slams the doors together to then face Starkiller again. During the match, Luke remarks that Starkiller was making him angry, and when Luke is then defeated by Starkiller, who mocks him on destroying him as he "destroyed his father", Luke screams in anger and falls to the the dark side as Fallen Luke.

While using the force before being turned to the Dark Side Luke's Life Bar has the name Luke Skywalker.

Fallen Luke[]

When Luke is beaten he turns to the Dark Side, his Life Bar says Fallen Luke and he can use Red Force Lightning. His eyes are now yellow and if you look closely you can see that Luke now emits a red aura.

Starkiller's Apprentice[]

At the end of the level and game the Millennium Falcon is taking off when Starkiller starts pulling it back and says to Luke "You are strong, Skywalker. But only your hatred will give you the power to save your friends. Give into the Dark side!" then Luke sends his Red Lightning at Starkiller but he deflects it but still letting go of the Falcon. Then Starkiller walks over to him and says "Ha ha ha ha... Very good... My Apprentice."

After this event, Luke was probably being trained as a Sith.

Force Powers[]


"Ben was wrong. The Dark Side is stronger!"

"I'll kill you!"

"I look forward to meeting the Emperor, in person."

"The Emperor should have sent someone stronger."

"I will use the Dark Side against you"

"Ben couldn't beat you, but I can."

"I'll die before I'll let you pass!"

"This ends now!"

"Yes, I understand now."

"Power, I can feel the power!"

"Give in, you fool!"

"Soon i'll deal with your master!"