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Imperial Navy Commando

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E-11 blaster rifle,Laser guided sniper rifle
Galactic empire,Imperial Navy
Force Unleashed appearances
The Force Unleashed(PS2,WII,PSP versions only

Imperial Navy commandos are a light, defending Imperial Stormtrooper force. They take the role of being the most common enemy in the game, being in all levels where Imperials are present (with the exception with the Prologue, Corellia and the Death Star where they are replaced by 501st Stormtroopers and regular Stormtroopers respectively).

When facing the player, they will either try and hold their position as a group or they will advance on Starkiller. In contrast, when fighting other foot soldiers (like the Wookies, Kota's Militia or the Cantina Thugs), they will move to take cover behind crates or other small objects before they return fire.

Unit Description[]

The Imperial Navy Commando, wears light armor, and has a stormtrooper style helmet. They are equipped with a blaster rifle, and are usually stationed on Imperial Worlds, that have been subjicated. Standard squads include seven units, and a squad sergeant or other officer, and sometimes medics. Depending on rank, mission status, they primarily wield standard E-11 blasters, also used by stormtroopers. Officers however will use Laser Guided Sniper rifles from behind the rest of the squad's position to catch enemies off guard.