Imperial heavy trooper
ImperialHeavyStormtrooper TFU Wii

An Imperial heavy trooper.

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Imperial Eletrostaff
Galactic empire
Force Unleashed appearances
The Force Unleashed(PS2,WII,PSP versions only

Imperial heavy troopers were Imperial units that were used by the Empire to fight large alien species. They were hand picked from the best Stormtrooper cadets. They normally worked in groups of two or four. Heavy troopers were armed with electro staffs that could keep you still while a second heavy trooper or other unit could attack you. These units also had multi-purpose back packs. They are seen on several planets, such as Kashyyyk and Felucia, and also the Death Star. They are on only the Wii and PS2 versions of the game. They also had tougher armor, and what seems like a pilot's life support systems on their chest, with air hoses leading up to their helmets.