Juno Eclipse
Juno Eclipse
Species Human
Homeworld Corulag
Gender Female
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Juno Eclipse was the female Imperial pilot of the Rogue Shadow during the Great Jedi Purge. Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice had a relationship with her.


Juno was born on Corulag, and became the youngest cadet to be accepted into the Imperial Academy at age fourteen. Juno quickly excelled in starship repair and became a talented combat pilot. She also perfected her skills in droid maintenance and marksmanship.

After graduating, Juno flew many successful combat missions throughout the Outer Rim; bringing the admiration of her peers and commanding officers. Through quick promotions, she eventually gained control of Black Eight Squadron. After proving her loyalty during the Battle of Callos, Darth Vader prompted her to pilot the Rogue Shadow, a secret ship used to transport Vader's apprentice. However, she was unaware of Vader's apprentice's mission. After Vader betrayed Starkiller she was branded a traitor and capture on The Empirical Starkiller freed her and she fought against the Empire ever since. She continued to fly Starkiller to wherever he needed to go. Then when the rebellion met on Corellia and were ambushed, she saved Starkiller after he fell off a cliff. She flew him to the Death Star and kissed. That was the last time they ever saw each other.


  • Juno is Starkiller's main love interest in the Force Unleashed 1& 2

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