Kazdan Paratus
A Jedi Master, driven insane by guilt
Species Aleena
Homeworld N/A
Death The Great Jedi Purge
Gender Male
Height .50 Px
Weight N/A
Affiliation The Jedi Order
side Light Side

Kazdan Paratus was a character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He was a Jedi Master who survived Order 66. He was trained in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and served in the Clone Wars. He was trained in Lightsaber combat and the usage of Light Side powers.

Biography Edit

Origins and Service in the Clone WarsEdit

Kazdan Paratus' homeworld is unknown, however he was found by the Jedi at a young age and trained to Knighthood. Paratus was a genius at building droids and was skilled with the force but lacked the detachment that was common among the Jedi. In spite of this he was allowed to take the Jedi Trials. Paratus surprised the Jedi by using his droids to aid him and passed with flying colors. He was later made the head engineer of the Jedi Order. When the Clone Wars began Paratus was eager to join the war in order to see the advanced droids of the Confederacy, he used his own droids to aid his clone troopers in battle. After a series of battles in which his clones were almost completely wiped out his army was made up of only Paratus' droids and creations.

Jedi Purge and Duel with Galen MarekEdit

Shortly before Order 66 Paratus returned to the Jedi Temple, when Darth Vader and the 501st Legion stormed the temple Paratus fled leaving the Jedi to die. Paratus hid himself on Raxus Prime and slowly went mad from the guilt of his cowardice, he built a Junk Jedi Temple and a junk Jedi Council and convinced himself that the Jedi Order was still alive. Paratus also made himself a army of junk droids, the largest of which was his personal Junk Titan. When Galen Marek came to the planet Paratus sent his army of junk droids to kill the Sith Apprentice, they failed. Paratus confronted the Sith in the council chambers and fought in a long lightsaber duel against the young man, the duel ended when Marek crush the Jedi Master under a large piece of junk metal. Kazdan Paratus' last words were, "I'm sorry Master's, I failed you again." A large burst of force energy erupted from the dead Jedi, puzzling Marek. Without Paratus and his army the Empire swiftly seized control of the planet and began strip-mining the world.


By the time Galen Marek reached the Jedi he was quite insane, he tended to laugh during combat and was furious at Marek for 'attacking the Jedi in their home'. Paratus was convinced that his junk Jedi Council was real and that the Jedi were still alive.

Powers and SkillsEdit

Paratus was very skilled with the force, Indeed, his junk army was held together by Paratus' skill with the force. Paratus used Force Grip and Force Push during his duel with Marek and was fairly skilled with his Lightsaber Pike, utilizing both Form II: Makashi and less commonly Form IV: Ataru in his duel with Galen Marek. Depending on the game, Kazden's Lightsaber Pike differs, with it having one blade that is blue in colour in the PS3/Xbox 360/PC versions of the game. In the PS2/Wii versions, however, the pike is double-bladed and both blades are yellow.

800px-Paratus vs Starkiller

Paratus vs. Galen Marek

Finishing Moves for Kazdan Paratus Boss FightEdit

PlayStation 3Edit

These are the buttons that finish the Kazdan Paratus fight on the PlayStation 3. Once the player presses the square button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

PS3 Circle PS3 Square PS3 Triangle PS3 X

Xbox 360Edit

These are the buttons that finish the Kazdan Paratus fight on the Xbox 360. Once the player presses the X button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

Xbox 360 B Xbox 360 X Xbox 360 Y Xbox 360 A

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