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Kento Marek
Kento Marek.jpg
Species Human
Death 18 BBY
Gender Male
Affiliation Jedi Order
side Light Side

Kento Marek was a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and later the Great Jedi Purge.


Like many other Jedi Knights of the time, the young Kento was discovered by the Jedi Order and taken to the Jedi Temple for training. It was evident from very early on that Kento was gifted, however a number of personality problems regarding maturity were also evident. When the Clone Wars began, Kento hurried to the front so as to take part in the action, fighting alongside his Clone troopers. During the war, Marek met a young woman on Talus, named Mallie, and he began to see the galaxy in a different way, as a result. The couple secretly married, until Mallie fell pregnant.

Great Jedi Purge[]

He and his wife Mallie were married for ten years, during which they had a son named Galen. When Order 66 began, the two lovers disguised themselves as medics, escaping to Kashyyyk and befriending the Wookiees there. Mallie was killed shortly afterwards, while protecting the Wookiees from the surviving Separatist-hired Trandoshan slavers and mercenaries. And during the Great Jedi Purge, Kento's master was killed by Darth Vader.

Kento gets strangled by Darth Vader.

Years later, Kento fought Darth Vader in a battle of lightsabers and Force powers until Vader got the upper hand and smashed Kento through the doorway of his own hut. While using the Force to choke Kento, Vader sensed the presence of a much more powerful Force-user nearby, assuming it to be that of Kento's master and demanding his whereabouts. Kento responded by saying, "The dark side has clouded your mind. You killed my master years ago." Vader replied that Kento would now share his Master's fate. But before Vader could strike him down, his lightsaber shot away his hand and into the hands of Kento's young son, Galen. Kento yelled at his son to run, but Vader casually kills Kento by Force crushing his throat and stood staring down at the young child, Vader's ignited lightsaber still clutched in his little hands.

Then three Imperial Stormtroopers and their officer arrived at the hut. Seeing Galen with Vader's ignited lightsaber, the officer motioned for the troopers to shoot the boy, thinking that he was going to kill the Sith Lord. Vader grabbed his saber from Galen and deflected the blasts, striking them down as Galen watched in horror. He then turned to Galen and told him to come with him, for more troops would be arriving at any moment. The child took one last look at the body of his father and followed Vader to his shuttle. Thus, Galen became Vader's secret apprentice and was given the code name Starkiller.

Finishing Moves for Kento Marek Boss Fight[]

PlayStation 3[]

These are the buttons that finish the Kento Marek fight on the PlayStation 3. Once the player presses the square button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

PS3 Circle.png PS3 Circle.png PS3 Circle.png

Xbox 360[]

These are the buttons that finish the Kento Marek fight on the Xbox 360. Once the player presses the X button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

Xbox 360 B.png Xbox 360 B.png Xbox 360 B.png

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