Kota's Militia was Kota's backing force during his series of scattered campaigns and battles against the Galactic Empire

Formation Edit

Kota assembled the Militia in the wake of he Clone Wars, as he harboured a deep mistrust of the Clone troopers, believing they were unfit for battle. He recruited the militia from local volunteers, militia groups, battle-hardened mercenaries, and even Separatist prisoners of war. Together with his miltia, Kota led some of the Republic's most successful offensives in the Outer Rim.

Order 66Edit

Kota's choice to not include clones in his squad saved his life when Order 66 was issued, as there were no clones to carry out the order. Together with the survivors of the ordeal, he hijacked a Republic Star Destroyer and fled deep into the Outer Rim to avoid the Empire.

After the clone warsEdit

From his sanctuary in the Outer Rim, Kota decided to dedicate his life to opposing Palpatine's new Galactic Empire, and vowed to restore the ideals and principles of the Old Republic. Dozens of new recruits flocked to his banner as the Empire tightened it's grip on the galaxy. Forming an alliance with Senator Bail Organa, who was speaking out against the Empire in the Imperial Senate, and assisiting Jedi survivors. Organa secretly fed Kota data on Imperial targets, usually miltitary-related. Kota maintained a low profile, striking at small, insignificant targets first, and slowly progressing to bigger, more important ones. Kota always took and interest in targets relating to Darth Vader, and attempted to locate and duel the Sith Lord, kill him, and then confront the Emperor.

After months of skirmishes and raids, Kota, using data from Organa, struck at the TIE Fighter Construction Facility, orbiting Nar Shadaa. Kota was sure his action would force Vader to face him. After securing the control center, Kota was confronted by Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller. Kota underestimated the young man, and drew his green lightsabr, and attacked. After a lengthly duel, Marek blinded Kota and threw him out into space throught an observation port.

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Although most militiamen were killed above Nar Shadaa, some survived, and became bodyguards to Bail Organa, which brought them to Felucia, where they were engaged by Imperial Naval Commandos.

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