Death of Darth Vader

The death of all hope for the rebels and the end of Vader.

If Galen Marek had killed Darth Vader and became the Emperor's apprentice, he would have become Lord 'Starkiller' (also called Darth Starkiller by fans occasionally). When he finally gives his loyalty to the Emperor he takes over Vader's position as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet and the Executor. After having been crushed by the Rogue Shadow his right arm, which he used to contain part of the impact of the ship, was cybernetically reconstructed. His helmet contains some of the most advanced technology in the Empire, even capable of resisting light saber strikes. His first armor was the so called Sith Stalker, later he used an armor more reminiscent of Vader's, the Dark Lord armor.

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Lord Starkiller

Some time ago Galen came to the temple for the last time. At the end of the level he encountered a force construct (the Sith Stalker). After removing his mask turned out that he was the only bald and with strange marks on his forehead and was cyborg. Galen quickly recovered from his astonishment. After another fight he defeated the construct. Marek woke up with a holocron, with 'his' hand and a voice said: 'There is no escape from me'.It is not known whether Darth Starkiller was only a vision, or a wakefulness.

Search on TatooineEdit

When rebel spies steal plans to the Death Star, Starkiller and his Imperial aids capture the Tantive IV and Princess Leia Organa. The Princess is taken prisoner and the Tantive is destroyed, while Starkiller searches Tatooine for the plans. After landing on Tatooine and killing some scavenging jawas, he is contacted by his master who senses that he has not discovered the plans yet. Starkiller makes his way up to Jabba's Palace. While inside he kills some guards
Obi wan

Lord Starkiller fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi.

and is contacted by Jabba via intercom. Starkiller meets Jabba the Hutt but then is trapped into the Rancor Pit. He kills the Rancor and escapes. He later reunites with PROXY who later helps Starkiller by using the image of a guard to open a gate. Starkiller gets out of the "the ship before it flies away.

Assault on HothEdit

He finds the ship on Hoth, leading an assault on the rebels stationed there. He goes onto an AT-AT Walker and just when a rebel ship is about to launch a harpoon cable, Starkiller slices the ship in half with his lightsaber. He then jumps out of the AT-AT and find his way into the Echo Base.

Starkiller landed in a cave area and has to fight his way through Wampas to finally get into the base. He is then attacked by many rebel alliance soldiers and some Wampas even got into the base. Starkiller easily gets past them all though.


Starkiller's lightsaber

Eventually he gets to the hanger prepared to destroy the Millenium Falcon. But just then, Luke comes and attacks him. After a duel, Luke's eyes turn yellow and he uses the dark side against Starkiller. He's still defeated though. Luke then becomes a Sith known as Fallen Luke. Starkiller takes luke as his apprentice in a plan to kill Darth sideious


  • His armour is highly reminiscent of Ubese and Mandolorian styles, including a T-shaped visor and a Ubese breathing mechanism.
  • In a DLC for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2/3, there is a different version of this armour, where Starkiller is turned into a "bio-mechanical nightmare", where he has been fully reconstructed, the only human part is some of his flesh and teeth.