"This is where all droids die." PROXY Talking about Raxus Prime

Raxus Prime

Raxus Prime From Space

Raxus Prime
, aka Nikato's Shining Gem is a planet that has been overflowed with junk from droids and other ships and metal materials. It is located in the Raxus System covered in waste and toxic debris and a poisonous surface that was once a shining planet within the Kingdom of Cron.


Raxus Prime was once a shining planet located in the Raxus System. After a long time, Raxus became filled with factories and was overcome with Republic forces. In about 1100 BBY, the planet started to crumble. Raxus produced deadly weapons with came with a price. The durasteel discharge stacks' black smog engulfed the planet and poisoned the planet's air. The beautiful palaces and cities crumbled and collapsed over the overcoming junk and debris swallowing the surface. Then, Count Dooku and the Sepratists took over the planet and they created the Confederacy of Independant Systems. From then on, metal would be dumped carelessly and without question on this once beautiful planet.

Hunt For Kazdan Paratus & The Imperial Star DestroyerEdit

Star Destroyer Raxus Prime

Starkiller Using His Overwhelming Force Powers on Raxus Prime

In 3 BBY, Darth Vader's new appreantice, Galen Marek, now Starkiller, went to the planet in search for the crazed Jedi Kazdan Paratus. Paratus had made a new Jedi Temple out of junk fron Raxus Prime, with robotic council members in it. After a battle, Starkiller killed the deranged Jedi. With Paratus out of the way, the Galactic Empire took the planet and built a orbital facility that built Imperial Star Destroyers. In order to disrupt the Galactic Empire's activity on the planet, Starkiller used a ore cannon to destroy the facility. However, one of the Star Destroyers survived the destruction and attempted to descend to the surface. Under the influence of Rahm Kota, Galen used The Force the drag it out of the atmosphere and slammed it into the ground, destroying the cannon and many surrounding buildings. Then, The Core used it's droids to try and kill Starkiller and escape the planet in order to kill the Emperor which the Core thought was weak. After it's defeat, PROXY was released and it joined Starkiller.

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