Few Imperials know the true origins of the mysterious and powerful Shadow Guard. The silent, enigmatic
Shadow Guard

Shadow Guard

warriors receive orders directly from Lord Vader and are often sent to eliminate suspected Jedi and other Force wielders. The Shadow Guard boast limited Force powers of their own and are capable of wielding lightsaber lances, which has led some Imperials to speculate that the Shadow Guard are, in fact, Jedi who have been captured, tortured, and brainwashed by the insidious Vader. Others believe the Shadow Guard are simply loyal members of Palpatine and Vader’s red-robed Imperial Royal Guard, who have been secretly trained in the basic Sith arts by Vader. Whatever the truth, the Shadow Guard command immense respect within the Imperial ranks and often lead elite Imperial Commandos into battle against the Emperor’s most hated enemies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadow Guards possess a weak but notable connection with the Force. Their documented abilities include Force Grip, Force Push, Force Lightning, and a powerful Force Dash. It is possible that some Shadow Guards might have learned Force Choke and the Lightning Grenade, but this is only a theory.

Nar ShaddaaEdit

As Galen killed all the Stormtroopers, a Shadow Guard came and tried to kill Galen. The Guard was quickly dispatched.

Raxus PrimeEdit

When Galen went to Raxus Prime to destroy the Imperial shipyard, PROXY, using the fighting module of a Shadow Guard, guarded the Ore Cannon control room. After using more modules, PROXY was defeated by Galen.

Death StarEdit

Before Galen went to fight Vader and the The Emperor, he fought a Shadow Guard with Royal Guards. He was killed, just like all the others that fought Galen.