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The Sith is a very powerful group who use the Dark Side of the Force to oppose the forces of the Jedi. More practitioners of the Dark Side are Jedi called Dark Jedi, such as Galen Marek. They are known for their hatred and lust to destroy the Jedi Order. The Sith always had a Dark Lord of the Sith that had a great power and wisdom with a Lightsaber as well as The Force. Jedi Master Shaak Ti stated that "The Sith always betray each other, but you will find out soon enough...", which turned out to be true for Galen Marek.

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The Sith was started when members of the Jedi Order began to break away and fall into the void of the Dark Side. When there was enough members, the Dark Jedi challenged the Jedi Order creating the Hundred-Year Darkness. When they were defeated, the Dark Jedi were exiled from space to most likely the Outer Rim Territory. The Sith then were not shown by their species, but by their philosophy to destroy the Jedi Order. Throughout history, the Sith created vast armies including the Confederacy of Independant Systems(CIS) and the Galactic Empire to oppose the supporters of peace and justice.

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