Lord Starkiller Ben Kenobi
Boba Fett Luke Skywalker
Galen Marek Snowtroopers
Stormtroopers Jabba the Hutt
Rebel Troopers Wampas
Rancor PROXY
Kento Marek Fallen Jedi

New Level #1 Jedi TempleEdit

In this level you play as Galen, fight some Stormtroopers, meet a force ghost of his father, and do the Jedi trials. Later you fight a Sith Phantom and you have to take him down. When you Galen cut his mask off you see he is you! Later Galen stabs the sith version of him in the back and watches him fall. This Level could be downloaded for The Force Unleashed .

New Level #2 Jabba's PalaceEdit

If you turn evil (killing Vader) you will turn into Lord Starkiller and you will play as him as he goes to Jabba's Palace in search of two familiar droids but first meet some Jawas and you force push a Sandcrawler down a cliff to enter the palace. Jabba throws him in the Rancor Pit and you kill the Rancor. You also meet PROXY again, laying on the ground. He helps you and then meet Boba Fett. You fight him at then he shoots a rocket at you which you throw back at him using the force, killing him.
Galen Marek vs. Boba Fett

Fett's final battle.

New Level #3 The FalconEdit

After the Jabba level you find the droids but Ben Kenobi is in your way so you have to fight him right next to the Falcon. When Ben looks defeated you put a lightsaber right into his left shoulder and uses the force to lift Ben and throw him into the Falcon's drive units. killing him. Ben comes back to as a force spirit to fights you. You "kill" him again afterwards.

New Level #4 HothEdit

On Hoth, Lord Starkiller comes and fights wampas through caves. Then getting in Echo Base and kills some rebels while some snowtroopers come to help Starkiller. He encounters Luke Skywalker and fights him although some Wampas come and Luke escapes. They later they meet again and duel. After all that Luke become's Fallen Jedi and you have to fight him. He is defeated, gets his right hand cut off, and becomes Starkiller's apprentice.


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