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Stormtroopers were the faceless elite shock troops of the Imperial Army. Fanatically loyal to the ideology of the New Order and impossible to sway from this cause, they were one of the main symbols of the iron-fisted reign that characterized the Galactic Empire, policing many planets that were held in its sway and battling rabble-rousing dissidents or the growing Rebellion on several fronts throughout the galaxy.

They wore imposing white armor that offered a wide range of survival equipment and temperature controls that allowed the soldiers to survive in almost any environment. Stormtroopers also wielded standard-issue E-11 blaster rifles and attacked in hordes to overwhelm their enemies.



The first soldiers to be bestowed upon the name of Stormtrooper were the Clone Trooper that had been instrumental in the enactment of the Jedi Purge and therefore the ascension of the Galactic Empire. In time, though, the ranks of the New Order's riflemen were filled with clones obtained from a variety of templates and -more commonly - enlisted personnel. What they lacked in the competence of their predecessors, these Stormtroopers more than made up for in the immeasurable numbers that the Empire had at its disposal.

Committed to enforcing the Empire's policies in the galaxy, Stormtroopers were used to supplement local planetary units to quell insurgencies and maintain the security of important installations or headquarters. Often, however, they were used to bring down persistent rebel cells that threatened the Empire's dominion, killing and dying at the whim of their ambitious overlords - Emperor Palpatine and Lord Darth Vader.

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