ImperialMedic TFU Wii

The Unidentified Imperial Medic stands guard.

"Umm, we got a situation here..." The Unidentified Imperial Medic, after waking up from Galen Marek's mind trick.

The Unidentified Imperial Medic was a key commander that fought in the Battle of Felucia . He appears in the Wii and PSP version of the first Force Unleashed game.

Career and DeathEdit

The Unidentified Imperial Medic's birthplace and early life is unknown, but he commanded a large garrison of Imperial Navy Commandos, Imperial Heavy Troopers, and fellow Imperial Medics during the Battle of Felucia. He knew about senator Bail Organa's secret location. After Galen Marek stormed the garrison and killed nearly all the imperials, he met the medic checking the Sarlacc Stabilizer, a machine which held the Sarlacc in check. Mind tricking the unfortunate Imperial to tell him the senator's location, Marek got the information he needed and walked to the Taakarian Village, the area where Bail Organa was held. Suddenly waking up from the mind trick, the Unidentified Imperial Medic shot at Galen Marek. Dodging the shots, the angry Jedi force choked the Imperial Medic to death.