Yoda TFU
Species Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliation Jedi
Yoda, an old Jedi Master that was a very powerful and well known throughout the galaxy. Yoda exiled himself on Dagobah after the Great Jedi Purge, in order to hide himself from the opposing Galactic Empire.

The Force Unleashed EraEdit

When Starkiller is travelling to Dagobah, right after he had saved Rahm Kota, Starkiller meets Yoda and he tells Starkiller to look inside himself to find what he seeks (Juno Eclipse). Starkiller then goes inside the Cave of Evil and his vision is alot of living dead Starkiller clones trying to take him with them, and he faces some challanges and at the end he see Juno Eclipse and where she is. Yoda helps Starkiller locate Juno and find his indentity. It's unknown if Rahm Kota knows about Yoda on Dagobah but it is prosumed he does.